At the core of the balance that protects Rio de Janeiro from chaos is the police action. It is a key element that keeps the rich people away from the violence generated in a city full of deep inequalities. The most used action is the “check” (are you carrying anything illegal?), which serves to intimidate (without hitting or not) the poorest population. For each movement of the middle or upper classes on the streets, a "check" occurs in the slums, where death dwells.

The contact between different social groups, between rich and poor, is often minimal. The existence of the other is sometimes even totally invisible. Theatre visitors are usually at a safe distance from crime and chaos, within a social order. However, the enforcement of that order is accompanied by oppression and intimidation.
The work of Brazilian choreographer Alice Ripoll is driven by the polarised social reality in Rio de Janeiro. In aCORdo, four performers turn the existing hierarchies and relationships between attendees inside-out through movement and interaction. In a subtle and seemingly innocent manner, a new order arises in which both dancer and spectator must inevitably reorient themselves. Who is who now? Who steals from whom?

The word “acordo” in Portuguese has a few meanings such as: agreement, accordance and to wake up. Another possibility of reading of the title is in the way it’s written: a-COR-do if separated is (the-color-of).

Alice Ripoll

Alan Ferreira, Leandro Coala, Romulo Galvão, Tony Hewerton


Anita Tandeta

Pictures and video
Renato Mangolin

Daniel Kucera

14 years old

30 minutes

Stage photos
By Bea Borges

Artistic photos
By Renato Mangolin

Technical info

The performance doesn't uses sound or scenic light, only a room with chairs and a door.


Mar/2017:  Que Legado - Castelinho do Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro)

Jun/2017: Que Legado - Teatro Sérgio Porto (Rio de Janeiro)

Jul/2017: Casa do Povo (São Paulo)

Ago/2017: Centro de Artes da Maré (Rio de Janeiro)

Nov/2017:  Panorama Festival (Rio de Janeiro)

Mai/2018: Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels, Bélgium)

Jul/2018: Festival de La Cité Lausanne (Switzerland)

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