Founded in 2009, Cia REC is a powerful group of ghetto artists that elaborates and recreates the contemporary art. Composed by the director Alice Ripoll and the performers Alan Ferreira, Leandro Coala, Liuz LA / Tony Hewerton and Romulo Galvão, the group, with intense production, has three contemporary dance shows, a piece aimed at children and a performance.

The group’s  first piece “Cornaca”, premiered at the Panorama Festival, and was awarded with circulation grant from the city and state of Rio de Janeiro, having also been performed in São Paulo, at SESC Pompéia Theater.

In 2014 the Company was awarded with two grants for the creation of two new pieces, “Bô”, which was presented at Arena Dicro, at the Angel Vianna Theater, at the Eva Hertz Theater, at Dance Gamboa and Ocupa Cacilda; and  “Pé de vento cabeça no chão”, aimed at children, presented in several theaters in Rio, São Paulo and Piauí, and also in public spaces. The performance “aCORdo” (2017) was presented at Castelinho do Flamengo, Sergio Porto Theatre, Panorama Festival de Dança (RJ), Casa do Povo (São Paulo), and Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels).