Photo: Renato Mangolin

LAVAGEM is the name of Alice Ripoll’s latest creation with the REC Group. Using buckets, water, soap, and soap foam, several generations of Brazilians spent thei whole lives working as cleaners while a racist hegemony considered them dirty.

With this performance, Alice Ripoll investigates this ambivalence using
the act of cleaning as a starting point to create poignant images, considering its scenic and historical unfolding.

When asked about the border wall that separates the U.S. and Mexico, Pepe Mujica ironically replied: “Who is going to clean their houses?” In LAVAGEM, the questions are: What actually needs to be cleaned? The houses, the dirt in the rooms? Or the sophisticated strategies that aim to make some people become invisible? The trails, the history, the scents of fluids – water from bodies – we smell when we come closer?
Soap foam colours the bodies; the bubbles suggest a world of dreams.

By building a close relationship with the audience, and with the aim of finding new ways to establish contact between performers and spectators, the group proposes the experience of a shared space using bodies and ideas.

Alice Ripoll

Original idea
Alan Ferreira

Alan Ferreira, Hiltinho Fantástico, Katiany Correia, Rômulo Galvão, Tony
Hewerton, Tuany Nascimento

Production Director
Natasha Corbelino | Corbelino Cultural

Production and set assistant
Thais Peixoto

Photos and teaser
Renato Mangolin

Artistic assistant
Laura Samy

Set designer
Raquel Theo

Costume designer
Paula Ströher

Light designer
Andrea Capella

Tour planning

Rafael Machado Fisioterapia, Centro Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro

PACT Zollverein
Kaserne Basel
Wiener Festwochen
Festival de la Cité Lausanne
PASSAGES - Festival International
Romaeuropa Festival and Teatro di Roma - Teatro Nazionale

Special thanks: Alexandre Belfort, Sulamita Costa, Juliana França, André Oliveira,
Walace Ferreira, Juliete Schultz, Mauricio Lima, Pedro Bento, Thamires Candida, Dilo Paulo, Diewry Patrick, Lenna Santos de Siqueira, Camila Rocha, Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro, Arnoldo Pereira de Souza, Anita Tandeta, Camila Moura Renato Linhares, Cecilia Ripoll, Casa de Mystérios e Novidades.

By Renato Mangolin

Agenda 2020

8 - 12 may
Brussel (BE)

15 - 16 may
Basel (CH)

5 - 7 jun
Vienna (IT)
Wiener Festwochen

10 jun 
Lille (FR)
Latitudes Contemporaines

7 - 8 jul
Amsterdam (NL)

11 - 12 jul
Lausanne (CH)
Festival de la Cité
Technical info

Around 12m x 12m, for 100 people in the public.

A square rather than a rectangular room is preferable.

Some types of floors are possible. It must be possible to crawl and to roll. The floor needs to be able to get wet.